From business planning to customer service, from logistics to mechanics: Claudio is the person needed to keep all the Maxicarbon pieces together (both the carbon fiber ones and the others).

He rode his first bike when he was 16, and never got off since.


Manages IT stuff, creative tasks, analysis and anything else coming to her mind to be done with a computer.

Works while traveling. She experienced the thrill of two wheels while living in Vietnam, and since then her life is not the same anymore.


Works with customers and in the warehouse: in other words, she never gets bored!

She doesn't particularly love bikes, but we're managing to make her change her mind (or maybe not).


Between digital platforms, social media and his thousands of interests, Soheil is the perfect support on all kinds of activities.

He proved his talent with bikes while riding through Iran and Afghanistan: nobody could believe it was his first time.


Plays with the customer care, some grafic tasks and her favorite battle field: the marketing platforms.

Little by little she has learnt to get to know and love the motorcycles.


All the administration tasks pass through his hands.

Motorcycle rider before, scooter rider now, there's no rain or cold that can stop him.