Maxicarbon is founded in 2010, as the result of a strong passion for motorcycles and carbon fiber.

Noticing a gap in the Italian market, we give shape to our dream during the university years, going live with our first website. The goal is to let motorcyclists make their prestigious bikes even more beautiful: our catalog has a hundred carbon parts for Brutale, F4, Panigale and S 1000 RR.

Thanks to the word of mouth and the customers satisfaction, Maxicarbon starts becoming more and more known in the Italian market. What had started as an hobby turns into a full-time job, making us really proud.

We commit to a long list of improvements: we expand our team, get better infrastructure, improve procedures and invest in new parts.
The results reward our efforts. We’re a point of reference for carbon fiber in Italy, and we start receiving the first orders from abroad: it’s the occasion to give an international look to our company and take part to motorcycle trade shows.

More than ten years after we’re a solid company, with thousands of items in our catalogs and worldwide customers.
We constantly strive for improvement and challenges, and, while managing a continuously growing company, we never lost sight of that passion which, way back in 2010, made us turn a dream into reality.
Now as then, we have just one mission:

“letting enthusiastic motorcyclists create, with our parts, their dream bike”
Fun fact: Sometimes we get called “Maxi Carbon”, but our correct name is “Maxicarbon” (all one word).

Our team

From business planning to customer service, from logistics to mechanics: Claudio is the person needed to keep all the Maxicarbon pieces together (those in carbon fiber ones and all the others).

He rode his first bike when he was 16, and never got off since.
Manages IT stuff, creative tasks, analysis and anything else coming to her mind to be done with a computer.

She experienced the thrill of two wheels while living in Vietnam, and since then her life is not the same anymore.
Works with customers and in the warehouse: in other words, she never gets bored!

She not so into bikes, but we’re managing to make her change her mind (or maybe not).
Plays with the customer care, some grafic tasks and her favorite battle field: the marketing platforms.

She appreciates more and more the motorcycles, but… from distance.
Coordinates the mail customer service and social media, and at night dreams cost estimations.

Keeps alive the hope/illusion that her son will never want to have a bike.
Our reference for all the technical and mechanical matters, and all those weird stuff engineers do.

He’s a motor enthusiast, and doesn’t think twice about leaving the roadway to enjoy adventures in the mud.
All the administration tasks pass through his hands (luckily).

Motorcycle rider before, scooter rider now, there’s no rain or cold that can stop him.
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