Maxicarbon is a wish fulfillment: joining a big passion for the motoring world with a working activity, following the Confucio principle: "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a single day in your life".
The dream takes shape in 2010, during university times, realizing the first carbon fiber accessories for the most prestigious motorbikes on the market. Over the years, Maxicarbon grows more and more, extending the list of items produced and the bikes to customize, until it becomes a point of reference for carbon products in Italy and Europe.

Our goal?
To let all motorcyclists customize their bikes in every detail, in order to create their dream vehicle, following that same passion that has guided us since the beginning.


motorcyclist to the bone, for him the whole world is made of two wheels


online-oriented, works from any continent and takes everything under her control


precise and careful to customer's requests, she's the Queen of the warehouse


all the administration tasks pass through his hands