BMW – other models

Catalogue of items made on request
The following carbon fiber parts are manufactured exclusively on request, in about 8-12 weeks, with a 30% deposit and payment of the remaining cost once the parts are ready. You can choose the carbon weave and finish as you like.
The fitting rules are the same of our other items in stock.

Since these parts are made exclusively on request, we don’t have pictures available, except for the ones below. You can anyway get an idea of their look once fitted and of our service taking a look to the Gallery and the reviews.

For any question just contact us or read our F.A.Q..

Prices are VAT inclusive, and the VAT will be deducted for extra-EU shipments.

  • BMW F 800 R
  • front fender180€
    tank panels200€
    right engine cover120€
    chain guard120€
  • BMW F 800 S
  • front fender180€
    right engine cover120€
  • BMW K 1200 R
  • front fender140€
    clutch cover40€
    front leg guards120€
    air duct covers170€
    water radiator upper covers190€
    water radiator lower covers220€
    undertank side panels230€
    closed belly pan (racing)380€
    central tail280€
  • BMW K 1300 S (2008-2016)
  • front fender190€
    longer front fender240€
    front fender extension60€
    air ducts170€
    air duct covers150€
    dashboard cover80€
    tank cover160€
    tank side panels480€
    side panels530€
    side internal panels110€
    right engine cover50€
    water tank cover80€
    belly pan570€
    heat shield60€
    rear hugger180€
    rear side panels260€
    central tail230€
    passenger seat cover260€
  • BMW R nineT
  • front fender (central)120€
    front fender brackets130€
    engine front cover150€
    keyguard cover70€
    front intake duct cover70€
    rear intake duct cover120€
    engine front panel (under oil radiator cover)150€
    left undertank panel70€
    lower engine covers130€
    right heel plate40€
  • BMW R 1100 S Cup
  • front fender170€
    central front fairing140€
    indicators side covers160€
    instrument panel130€
    tank cover140€
    scratchproof tank cover50€
    tank side panels590€
    alternator cover90€
    ignition engine cover80€
    heel plates50€
    rear shock absorber cover40€
    rear hugger180€
    rear side panels260€
  • BMW R 1150 R
  • engine covers150€
    alternator cover80€
    rear hugger160€
  • BMW R 1200 GS (2004-2012)
  • front fender150€
    front fairing280€
    hand guards140€
    tank cover210€
    tank side panels390€
    engine covers140€
    underseat panels120€
    heel plate35€
    rear mud flaps190€
  • BMW R 1200 GS ADV (2010-2012)
  • front fender150€
    front fairing120€
    upper side panels260€
    underseat panels150€
    rear wheel mud flap210€
  • BMW R 1200 RS (2015)
  • front fender170€
    cockpit holder90€
    front air duct190€
    front fairing290€
    dashboard side panels130€
    external side panels280€
    internal side panels310€
    tank side panels330€
    tank cover230€
    rear side panels140€
    tail fairing cover120€
    rear tail fairing cover50€

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Note: the parts listed in this page have the same shape of the original parts but are made in carbon fiber, and pictures are not available since they’re manufactured only on request.