• Who are you?
  • We’re a company based in Milan, Italy, and we’ve been producing and selling online carbon fiber parts for motorcycles since more than ten years.
    If you want to know more details regarding our story and team, you can read our profile in the About page.
  • Why should I buy from you?
  • Quality, price and excellent customer service, supported by more than ten years of experience, are our strenghts. And this is not said by us: have a look at the reviews, both on our website and on external platforms, and at the gallery, where you can find the pictures of hundreds of customers who happily fit our parts.

    Moreover, we’re into motorcycles too: we speak your language and perfectly understand your needs!
  • Do you also sell offline?
  • Our main shop is our website, but you can find us at some motorcycle trade shows (follow us on social medias to get the updates), or, on appointment, at our warehouse in Milan.
  • How can I get in touch with you?
  • By e-mail, phone or social media: the full list of our contacts is here
  • Are your parts made of real carbon fiber?
  • Yes: you can find more details about our carbon, the making process and the technical specifications at this link.
  • Can your parts get damaged over time?
  • The damage due to a normal use is very unlike, because all items are produced with pre-preg carbon fiber, cured in autoclave and varnished with a thick anti-UV transparent layer which protects them from solar radiations (more details here).
    The items close to parts that reach high temperatures have a reflective layer on the back side.

    Anyway, we offer a two years warranty on every product.
  • Do you offer a warranty on your parts?
  • Yes, of two years. You can find more details here.
  • Do you have an homologation certificate?
  • No, because our parts are exactly the copy of the originals, but made in carbon fiber.
  • How do I fit your parts?
  • Most of our parts must be fitted replacing the original plastic or metal ones; other parts are covers to be applied on the originals, and others again are additional parts.
    The Description tab inside each item page specifies its fitting type, and you can find some videos with the instructions here.
  • Can I fit the parts by myself?
  • Most of our parts can be easily fitted by yourself, but in case you have no familiarity with this we always advise you to address a mechanic.
  • Where do I fit the parts?
  • The Description tab inside each item page specifies its position. If you find it hard to identify an item you can use as a reference the page Glossary.
  • What maintenance is required on the parts?
  • No particular maintenance is required. For cleaning we recommend a neutral detergent, and we advice to be as cautious as with the plastic parts on the bike.
  • What can I do if I scratch a part?
  • If the scratch is superficial, on the transparent layer, it can be removed with some polish.
  • Where can I find the parts for my motorcycle?
  • Inside our Shop, selecting the brand and model of your bike: you will find the full list of the parts we produce, ordered from the front to the back side.
  • My motorcycle is not there
  • If you can’t find your bike, not even in the catalogs on request, then unfortunately we don’t produce any part for it. If the model is new it’s probably just a matter of time.
    You can anyway select the brand here, click on “Can’t find your model?” and tell us the details: we’ll let you know if we have some parts available in future.
  • Can you make a part not in your catalog?
  • Yes, but we advise you to choose the carbon coating operation, rather then producing it from scratch: you can find more details at this page.
  • Do you extend your catalog?
  • Yes: we regularly add new items, especially for the most recent motorcycle models.
    The recently added items have the “New” label next to their name in the catalog.
  • Can I see pictures of a part?
  • If the item is in our catalog, available and without pictures, it’s probably a new one: we’ll shot and publish the photos as soon as possible.
    If the item is manufactured only on request, unfortunately we don’t have pictures available.

    If you’re instead looking for pictures of the item fitted on a bike, send them to us and, if you’re the first one, we’ll give you a 10€ voucher code!
  • Can I have a part in glossy/matte finish?
  • The items we keep in our warehouse have the same weave and finish of the original parts, but you can customize the carbon fiber combinations in the single page of each item, before adding it to the cart.
    If you choose a combination that is not available, we’ll have to produce the part appositely for you and a 10% surcharge will be applied.
  • Are the parts available?
  • The availability of each item is highlighted in its single page, in the catalog and in the cart.

    The parts having a warehouse catalog can be either available or temporarily out of stock: if available they are shipped immediately; if out of stock you can choose to buy and reserve them, to receive an e-mail when they’ll be back in stock, or just wait that the new ones will be ready according to the specified waiting time (keep in mind that there might already be customers in the waiting list).

    The parts we produce on request, instead, are never available. The production starts as soon as we receive the order, and follows the waiting time indicated.
  • What happens if I buy a part out of stock?
  • If the part is temporarily out of stock, we keep it reserved for you and ship it as soon as ready, letting you know the day before. If it’s manufactured only on request, we start the production as soon as we receive the order, and again let you know before the shipment.

    If you buy both parts in stock and out of stock, you’ll get a second free shipment: we ship you immediately the parts that are ready.
  • Can you speed up the manufacturing process for parts out of stock/on request?
  • The waiting time written for an item is our average manufacturing time. Some periods the production is faster and others it is slower, depending on the current workload.
    We always do our best to optimize it, and we prefer to give you a large waiting time and then ship earlier then expected, rather than the opposite.
  • How do I manage my account on the website?
  • Through the Account page: you can login if you have already an account, or register if not.
    An account allows you to manage easily your orders, addresses and payment methods.
  • How can I change/retrieve my password?
  • If you lost your password, go to the Account page and follow the link “Lost your password?”.
    If instead you want to change it, login and go to the Account details > Password change section.
  • How do I buy an item?
  • Check you motorcycle catalog and add to the cart all the items you want to buy.
    When you’re ready to finalize the order, you can go directly to the Cart to check the parts, their quantities, the discounts and choose your shipment type.
    Then you can proceed to the Checkout to complete your address and pay with your preferred method.
  • How can I pay?
  • We accept different payment methods; you can find the list here.
  • Can I have a discount?
  • Yes, depending on the total amount of your order: have a look here.
  • Do I have create an account in your website to place an order?
  • No. You can create an account during your Checkout, to have your orders status under control, but it is optional.
  • I have a voucher code: how do I use it?
  • You can insert your voucher code directly on the Cart, under the order summary, clicking on “Voucher code”.

    Just type the code in the text field and click on “Apply coupon”, and if the voucher is valid the discount will be applied automatically.

  • Is it safe to buy on your website?
  • Yes: our website is encoded with SSL certificate, and all the data passing through are encrypted and safe.
    Moreover, all the payments are completely managed in external platforms: you will be redirected to the correct platform (PayPal, Multisafepay, etc.) depending on the chosen method.
  • Which personal data are stored on your website?
  • All the data needed to complete your order: purchased items and billing/shipping addresses. No card details passes through our website, nor gets stored.
    For further information about your personal data treatment, you can have a look at our Privacy Policy.
  • What happens after my order?
  • Once you finalize the payment, you will receive an automated e-mail from our system that will confirm the order.
    We will then write you within a working day to confirm the shipping and delivery dates, and you will receive a few automated e-mails with the tracking link and the shipment updates.

    If you don’t receive our e-mails, check the SPAM folder.
  • Can I add other items after to an order already paid?
  • Yes: contact us as soon as possible, so we can add them to the package before shipping it.
  • Do you ship to my country?
  • We ship worldwide: you can select any country in the Cart.
  • How much does shipping cost?
  • It depends on your shipping country and the total amount of your order: have a look at this table.
  • Do shipping costs increase if I add more items?
  • No: in fact, above 300€ shipping is free/discounted.
  • How soon after my order do you ship?
  • The same day of the order or the following working day if the parts are available; otherwise as soon as ready. You can find here the details.

    For payments by bank transfer, we wait for the money to be transferred to our account, or for your proof of payment, before proceeding.
  • What company do you use for shipments?
  • You can find here the list of couriers we work with.
  • When do I receive my package?
  • It depends on the shipment type and the destination country: have a look at this table.
  • Is shipment insured?
  • You can manually add the insurance in the Cart.
    If you don’t choose it, the package is sent at your own risk. In the last year less than the 0.4% of shipments have been damaged, but we always recommend to insure your package.
  • Is shipment trackable?
  • Yes: you will receive an automated e-mail with the tracking link the day we ship your package, and you will be able to monitor the progress at this link.
    A few further e-mail will update you for status changes (check you SPAM folder if you don’t receive them).
  • Do I pay custom duties?
  • If the shipping country is outside the European Union, most likely yes. Keep in mind that in this case you pay lower prices on our website, because we deduct the Italian VAT.
    The only exception is the United Kingdom: if you’re resident there you pay full prices here and the custom duties are covered by us.
  • Can I pick up at your warehouse?
  • Yes, selecting the option “Warehouse pickup”in the Cart. Then contact us to let us know when you’d like to come: we receive on appointment only.
  • Are prices VAT inclusive?
  • It depends: if the shipping address is within the European Union yes; otherwise no, the VAT is automatically deducted (because you don’t have to pay it). This is automatically calculated based on you location, but you can modify it by changing the shipping country in the Cart.
    The VAT inclusive prices are round figures; the exclusive ones have two decimal digits.

    Each single product page specifies whether the price includes VAT or not.
  • Do I pay VAT if I live in the U.K.?
  • Yes: if the shipping address is within the United Kingdom we charge you automatically the Italian VAT during the purchase, and we use it to cover custom fees. It means that the package will be delivered to you without further charges.

    However, if you choose express shipment, or if your package is big and we need to change shipping company, we cannot pay custom fees in advance: in this case we will refund you the VAT paid, and the shipping company will contact you later for the custom duties payment.
  • I live in a place having tax deductions
  • If your package has to be shipped within the European Union in an area having tax deductions (ex: Livigno in Italy, o Canary Islands in Spain), the VAT gets automatically deducted when you insert your ZIP code in the Checkout.
  • Do residents outside the EU pay less?
  • We don’t apply the Italian VAT to the items shipped outside the European Union, so our prices for the extra-EU residents are lower.
    However, often there are import taxes to pay at the customs, so the final cost tends to be more or less equivalent.
  • I have a company registered for intra-community trades
  • If you have a VAT number from an European Union country (except for Italy) that is registered for VAT deduction, the 22% Italian VAT will be automatically deducted from your purchase.

    In the Checkout page select the option “Request an invoice”:

    Then type your VAT number (inclusive of country code) in the “VAT ID / P. IVA” field, and you will see the total amount of your order automatically updated.

    You will receive the invoice by e-mail some days after your purchase.
  • I want the invoice of my order
  • If your shipping country is outside the European Union, you will get automatically the invoice by e-mail, within a few days from the order.

    If your shipping country is within the European Union and you need the invoice, you have to request it in the Checkout page, selecting the option “Request an invoice”:

    Make sure to insert your VAT number and all the required data (fiscal code, SDI code or PEC are mandatory for Italian VATs):

    You will receive the invoice by e-mail some days after your purchase.
    If you don’t insert all needed data we CAN’T make an invoice, but you will get anyway an automatic receipt of the order by e-mail.
  • Do you have special sales for professional traders?
  • Yes: if you are a professional trader (motorcycle dealer, motorcycle repair shop owner, motorcycle club responsible, etc.), fill the module at this page to request a dealer account.
  • My voucher code is not valid
  • If your voucher code is not valid, it is probably expired (they normally last 12 months) or it has been already used.
    Contact us if this is not the case.
  • My order has failed
  • If the system shows an order failure, most likely there isn’t enough funding in your card, in your PayPal account or there’s a block from your bank.
    Check and try again, or change the payment method.

    If you can’t solve the issue, contact us to manage the payment offline.
  • I have a problem with the item wait
  • If you have purchased some parts that were out of stock or produced on request, the average waiting time is the one that has been showed to you during the order. Keep in mind that it is an estimation: depending on the current workload and the number of waiting customers for each item it could be faster or slower.

    If you’re waiting for much longer than expected, please contact us.
  • I have a problem with the shipment
  • For any shipment-related problem (tracking not updated, package not yet delivered, wrong address, missed delivery, damaged package, …), insert your tracking code here and fill the problem reporting module.
  • I have a problem with an item received
  • For any fitting, aesthetical or general problem, insert your order number and fill the apposite reporting module at this page.
  • Can I return an item?
  • Yes, withing 15 days from the delivery. You can find the instructions and the module to fill at this link.
  • Which address should I send a package back to?
  • You can find our address among our contacts, but please do not return a package without having first filled the module here and received our instructions, or your package might not be processed.
Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Contact us.