Buying on Maxicarbon is easy, just a few simple steps.

Browse our website, enter the items you need in your cart and when you are done click on the “Proceed to payment” button.
Once this is done, we will ask you again for the essential information to be able to better serve you: the address you wish to receive the goods, your e-mail address, your mobile number and the payment method you wish to use.
Once the order has been confirmed, sit back and relax, we will do the rest.
Make sure that the day on which the delivery of your purchase is scheduled there is someone who signs for the delivery of the products.

Do you still have any doubts? Do not worry, we are at your disposal. If you need help you can send us an email at info@maxicarbon.com or call us at +39 347-0469512.


Do you have a bike that you want to make more and more beautiful? (this question may seem irrelevant but let us explain …).
We thought about it and we came to understand that many of us particularly love personalized objects, more than we can think of.
If you think about it, you often look for a detail that makes it “unique”, that makes you recognize it immediately even if there is another one of the same model, or maybe you look for what you could “give” to your bike to make it “special”. And the list could go on.
We have therefore decided that it is better to support this love rather than ignore it.
We want to help people enjoy the possession of their bikes, which means getting carbon accessories for them at the most competitive price but also understanding all their needs and obsessions.

So why should you use Maxicarbon? Because our passion is the carbon accessories for motorcycles, just like it is for you!


We try to make life easier and offer you everything you need online, but we realize that sometimes you prefer to have a relationship with a person, rather than being in front of a computer. That’s why we have provided support service both by mail and telephone, even pre-sales.
Unlike a computer, we have the experience and knowledge to solve the vast majority of questions with just one contact. If we are not able to respond promptly, we will look for the solution and we will contact you as quickly as possible.
If you do not find what you want or if you have any questions, you can send an email to info@maxicarbon.com, we will reply as soon as possible.
Otherwise, if you want to contact us by phone, you can do it at +39 347-0469512.


Can I pick up at our warehouse?
Of course, even at the weekend or in the evening! In this way you can see for yourself the items you are interested in and save on shipping costs.
Our warehouse is located in Via Tito Livio 8 in Milan, Italy.
However, it is necessary to make an appointment by mail to info@maxicarbon.com or by phone at +39 347-0469512.

What are the shipping costs?
Shipping costs are free if the total cost of your items is equal to or higher than 300.00 Euro (VAT included). For orders whose cost is less than €300.00 shipping costs will be equal to €8.00, regardless of the number of items purchased.
These rates will be applied to all destinations in Italy.
Shipping to Europe costs instead €22, while to the rest of the world €40.
If you make different orders but you can make a single shipment by automatically combining orders for the same shipping address, shipping costs will be applied only to the first order and the amount paid for the other will be reversed.
For shipments in cash on delivery an additional cost of 3 euros will be applied for each delivery, payable directly to the courier in cash.
We will not charge you the order amount if, for any reason, we are unable to send it.

Are shipments insured?
Shipments can be insured by choosing “Insured” shipping when ordering.
The amount is really low and equal to 3 euros regardless of the value of the goods.
Example: if you place an order of €400, €3 is sufficient to ensure shipment against loss or damage during transport.
If you choose unsecured shipping, the goods travel at the risk of the purchaser. In the last year, less than 0.4% of shipments were damaged during transport, but we advise in any case to ensure their shipment (it is sufficient to choose “insured” shipping when ordering).

My package has not been delivered
Occasionally some parcels are returned to us because it was not possible to deliver to the address you have communicated to us.
Normally the package is put in storage by the courier for a period of a few days, after which it will be automatically sent back to our warehouse.
The reasons are almost always two:
A) Incorrect address: the address is incorrect or incomplete and has not been identified by the courier. Then carefully check the delivery address when placing an order.
B) Correct address but there was no one on delivery: the address is correct but there was no one to pick up the package or you did not contact the courier by calling the number indicated on the notice that left you when it passed for the delivery. Therefore it always indicates a mobile number to call in case of delivery problems.
When the courier returns a parcel that could not be delivered to the address indicated by you, we will contact you to ascertain the reason for the non-delivery and check how to solve the problem.
Then, clarified and resolved the problems arose on the occasion of the first shipment, we will make a second shipment but we will charge you the flat-rate cost of 8.00 Euro as reimbursement of shipping costs and practical management. In the case, however, in which the failure to deliver was due to our error, the shipment will be at our expense.


It seems obvious, but only the items available in stock can be promptly delivered.

All the items listed on the site are immediately available except for those with the indication “sold out”.
The products sold out are produced on arrival but the delivery time can not be updated every day.
For this reason, it is preferable that you contact us at info@maxicarbon.com indicating the product you are interested in and asking for information on expected stock availability times. We will reply as soon as possible and, if you want, we will put you on the waiting list for all the customers who have expressed interest in that article.


In case you do not find, among the catalog items, the piece you are looking for, there is no problem: it is possible that it is feasible but has not been uploaded to the site.
You can then send us to the e-mail address info@maxicarbon.com the photos of the piece you are interested in are made of carbon, also communicating your telephone number.
We will contact you as soon as possible to give you all the information.


All prices shown are inclusive of VAT.
In case the shipment is to a country outside the European Union, the Italian VAT of 22% is automatically deducted from the prices.

Why do we do this?
Maxicarbon is aimed primarily at individuals and for this type of clientele VAT is not normally deductible. This is the reason why all our prices are VAT included.


The online sales activity of tangible assets is identified as “indirect electronic commerce”, which the Revenue Agency with resolution 21.07.2008, n. 312 / E and with the resolution 15.11.2004, n. 133 / E has defined “commercial transaction that takes place electronically but which is followed by the physical delivery of the goods at home according to traditional channels, ie through carrier or forwarder.”
For VAT purposes, the Revenue Agency with the resolution 05.11.2009, n. 274 / E has established that indirect e-commerce transactions are similar to mail order sales and, therefore, are not subject to the obligation to issue an invoice (if not requested by the customer no later than the time of operation), as provided for in Article 22 of the Presidential Decree n. 633 of 1972, nor to the obligation of certification by issuing the receipt or the receipt in accordance with article 2, letter oo) of the D.P.R. December 21, 1996, n. 696. The sales proceeds must, however, be noted in the register provided for by article 24 of the decree D.P. n. 633 of 1972 “(register of fees).

If you want the invoice you must, therefore, request it at the e-mail address info@maxicarbon.com by the date of payment, communicating your VAT number and your No. of Tax Code.


Did you make the order or did you think about it? No problem! You have a period of 15 days to return the goods.

The only condition is that the product is intact, provided with the original packaging and in conditions that allow the resale.
Contact us within 15 days by e-mail info@maxicarbon.com indicating that you have “ordered an incorrect item” and provide all the necessary information.
We will contact you by e-mail informing you how to return with our express courier, at a cost of € 8.00 for each shipment.
If you want, instead, to use one of your express courier, there is no problem: the important thing is to receive the goods intact!
Upon receipt of the goods and verify the integrity, we will provide within 10 days to re-credit the amount paid and, in case of return with our express courier, net of the cost of 8 euros for each shipment.


Motoclub and motorcycle associations can agree on agreements that provide for special conditions of sale.
You can request the application of the “motoclub conventions” to the e-mail address convenzioni@maxicarbon.com communicating all the data necessary for the formalization of the agreement.


Are you a professional dealer (motorcycle dealer, motorcycle maintenance workshop owner, professional operator handling motorcycles, etc.)?
Know that you can make purchases with the application of “professional lists” reserved for traders.
You can request the application of the “professional price lists” to the e-mail address commercianti@maxicarbon.com communicating all the data needed for billing.

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