Most of our carbon products replace the plastic OEM parts.

Fitting is extremely simple and takes a few minutes. You just need to:
  1. Remove the screws (if any) of the original part
  2. Remove the original part
  3. Fit our carbon part in replacement
  4. Set the screws back
The products to be fitted as covers are a carbon coating to apply on the OEM part, by screwing or gluing them.

If the cover has some holes, to fit it you must:
  1. Unscrew the screws (if any) of the original part
  2. Place the item and screw it on the original, using the same screws (if any), or the ones provided with the item

The covers without holes, instead, have to be fitted with some double-sided tape:
  1. Cut some stripes of double-sided tape
  2. Glue them to the back of the cover, covering especially the edges and corners
  3. Glue the cover on the original part, with some pressure to ensure perfect adhesion

Note 1: You can use a few drops of silicone glue, alternatively to the double-sided tape.

Note 2: In case of engine covers (alternator cover, clutch cover, generator cover, pick-up cover) with no holes, you need to use only high temperature silicone glue or engine gasket paste.
The side panels wings are a Maxicarbon additional component, inspired by the wings of the Panigale V4R. They can be fitted on almost all faired motorcycles.

To fit them, you have to:
  1. Draw a line with slope 15° clockwise (keeping the bike horizontal), along a part of the side panels that is flat enough
  2. Mark on the line two points having the same distance of the two holes of the wings
  3. Remove the side panels of the bike, and drill two holes of about 5mm each on the two marked spots
  4. Screw the wings to the panels using the provided screws (we recommend to fit the first screw before drilling the second hole, to be sure of keeping the correct distance), and fit back the side panels with the wings
The air duct brake system are a Maxicarbon additional component, and can be fitted on the front wheel of any motorcycle, using the apposite provided brackets.

To fit them, you have to:
  1. Connect the front bracket through the screws of the lower part of the fork
  2. Connect the rear bracket with the lower screw of the brake caliper
  3. Screw each air duct through the two brackets
All the parts are handmade, and, in case some difficulties prevent proper fitting or screwing, they can be fixed in a few minutes with a Dremel tool or a small file.

You need to:
  1. Detect the hole to widen to ensure proper fitting
  2. Slowly widen the hole with the Dremel tool
  3. Fit the part on the motorbike

If you still have a fitting issue, you can ask for assistance at this page.