We process the orders every working day, and we ship them according to the availability of the purchased items:

available items out of stock items on request items available + not available items
shipment the day of the order or the next working day in 2-6 weeks* in 10-14 weeks* double shipment (one, immediately, for free)
available items the day of the order or the next working day
out of stock items in 2-6 weeks*
on request items in 10-12 weeks*
available + not available items double shipment (one, immediately, for free)
*in average; timing can slightly vary depending on the how busy production is and on the number of reservations for each item. We send an e-mail the day before the shipment.

You can also pick-up in our warehouse the parts, for free: you just need to select the option “Warehouse pick-up” in the Cart, and let us know when you’d prefer to come (appointment only).
Our address is Via Vincenzo Toffetti 18, 20139 Milano, Italy.
We ship worldwide, with two possible options: standard or express.
Each shipment has the following cost:

standard shipment express shipment (normal) express shipment (big)*
Italy and San Marino 8€ 16€ 40€
Europe (UE) 15€ 30€ 80€
Europe (extra-UE) 15€ 40€ 100€
United Kingdom 15€ 70€ 130€
rest of the world 40€ 80€ 200€

For orders above 300€, we offer a discounted shipment:

standard shipment express shipment (normal) express shipment (big)*
Italy and San Marino free 8€ 30€
Europe (UE) 5€ 20€ 60€
Europe (extra-UE) 5€ 30€ 80€
United Kingdom 5€ 60€ 110€
rest of the world 25€ 65€ 150€

*the “express (big)” category refers to the express shipment of big packages (containing many items or big sized items).
For 5€ additional the shipment can be insured, and so protected from potential transport damaging or loss.
If you don’t choose this option, the package is sent at your own risk: the shipping label is automatically created without insurance, and the shipping company doesn’t take responsibility for any possible damage or loss.
In the last year less than the 0.4% of shipments have been damaged or lost, but we always recommend to insure your package.

You can manually add the insurance in the Cart, before finalizing your order.
Packages get delivered, in average, after the following number of working days:

standard shipment express shipment
Italy 1 (2 for the islands) 1
Europe (UE) 3 – 5 2
Europe (extra UE) 6 – 10* 3 – 5*
United Kingdom 6 – 10* 3 – 5*
rest of the world 6 – 10* 3 – 5*
*packages going out of the European Union pass through customs, and can therefore have different timing that don’t depend neither on Maxicarbon nor on the courier.

For any information, or to report any issue with the package transit, please refer to the Tracking page.
Depending on the final destination, we ship with the following couriers:

  • standard:
  • express:

Every shipment is trackable through a code sent by e-mail the day of departure, and can be followed at the Tracking page.